IR(Infrared) Remote Control System

R Remote control is a combination of infrared transmitter and infrared receiver contains 4 relays and 1 Fan with Speed Control Thru TRiAC which can be controlled wirelessly. This makes the unit very easy to operate and integrate with existing systems. the remote control operate the corresponding relay on the receiver board, i.e. Light 1 operates relay 1, Light 2 operates relay 2, etc. Relay contact can control any equipment in momentary mode (On till key pressed) or Latch Mode (Toggle on each key press). Each relay has indicator LED showing current status. Your home's HVAC system includes a number of heating, cooling, and ventilation components controlled with infrared technology that all work together to make your indoor living spaces more comfortable. IR Remote shield allows control these devices through Internet Radio remote control system is designed for domestic or light industrial applications. The system consists of a keyfob and receiver; simply apply power, connect load to relay output and the system... door lock