Interactive White Board

Interactive White Board

Msquare Interactive Whiteboard are changing the way many educators approach their curriculum and classes. Perfect for the classroom or anywhere there is a need for interactive instruction. Our engineers used advanced technology to make our IWB series of whiteboards some of the simplest and most powerful teaching tools available. Teachers are free to use their fingers to write or they can use the supplied electronic pens.

The surface of the whiteboard is durable and built to withstand everyday use. In addition to providing an excellent projection surface with minimal glare, the surface cleans up easily using standard whiteboard cleaner. The IWB includes a wall mount kit. The rolling stand pictured is an option.

Interactive White Board provide best-in-class solutions for teachers and students, whether they  prefer touch-sensitive or ceramicsteel (hard surface) boards.

In Education

• It facilitates creation of a dynamic and conducive learning environment, where students are    motivated to be more participative
• The preparation of course material is simplified and key concepts can be easily highlighted
• Additions, relevant notes and changes made on the whiteboard can be easily saved for use at a    later time

In Enterprise

•  Training modules and conference discussions become more interactive and hence more effective
•  Advertising announcements and product demonstrations can be creatively and easily executed
• Employees are able to better understand and absorb information as well as, ideate and    communicate better

Remote Interactive System

• IWBs are compatible with any remote video conferencing software • Supports remote assistance, resource sharing and simultaneous communication with excellent audio and visual clarity • Effectively assists online education as a remote teaching aid and in remote conferencing