VAV Systems

Variable Air Volume (VAV) control improves a store's environment, making it more comfortable while also saving energy.

There are three components to Emerson's VAV System Control: the iPro DAC, Single-duct VAV Controller, and VAV Smart Thermostat. All components integrate seamlessly with the E2 Facility Management System.

Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems enable retailers to improve the indoor air quality and customer comfort of their environment, while potentially lowering energy costs. To accomplish this, each Single-Duct VAV Controller communicates with the VAV RTU Controller, enabling the HVAC unit to produce the right temperature and volume of air required at any given time. Since the HVAC unit is rarely operating at full speed, as it would always be doing in a traditional constant volume system, energy is saved. Each Single-Duct VAV Controller is able to regulate the amount of air, as well as reheat air if required, ensuring each zone is at a comfortable temperature. Great for use in both new and existing facilities, all components may be integrated with Emerson's E2 Facility Management System. When connected to the E2, a world of capabilities, including remote access, alarm management, setpoint verification, and more are unlocked.